We offer unique consulting services that drive measurable cost optimization gains for our clients with the goal of achieving immediate savings with no business disruptions in both the short and long term.

Optimize Software License Agreements/Asset Management

One of the most overlooked areas of cost saving opportunities lies in effective software licensing and asset management capabilities. Lack of good asset and contract information often leads to higher costs. Increasing your capabilities can provide additional insight that can reduce spending and avoid major compliance fees.

Microsoft License Optimization Services Includes but not limited to:
●  Roadmap advisory
●  Latest insight into Microsoft solutions and services
●  Latest insight into Microsoft licensing Structure and Models
●  Best Technical/Commercial balance between on-prem & Cloud Solutions.
●  Optimized commercial investment plan for Microsoft solutions
● Commercial analysis across contracts and global pricelists
● Audit Defence
● Achieving/Maintain Full Compliance with minimum investment.
● Negotiation advantage

Improve Procurement and Sourcing Capabilities

Purchasing the right services, at the right price, from the right source is essential to effectively optimize costs. The IT industry is constantly changing, with new vendors entering the market, and innovative pricing models will continually emerge. CIOs cannot afford to take their eyes off this area if they wish to remain "cost optimized".

Procurement and Sourcing Services Includes but not limited to:
● Building Business Case for new projects and/or Business Case assessment for existing Solutions.
● Providing State-of-the-art, Market analysis and best practice for new/existing Projects.
● Closing the gaps between business and technology to best fit business requirements with most optimum scenario.
● Managing Tenders, starting from building RFx, vendors selection, technical/commercial evaluation, calculation Total Cost of Ownership, hidden cost, missing items quantifications and risk mitigation per each vendor.
● Managing the Projects, starting from the awarding, SOW, Contracts, T&Cs, Plan, resources, Delivery until the Final Acceptance & Operation Assistance.

State-of-the-art Cyber Security Services

To respond to the increasing needs and effectively tackling cyber security challenges are evolving in this digital age. Cyber security boundaries have changed, enterprises can no longer rely solely on traditional network security controls to provide adequate protection for the most valuable business assets.
Following a Reactive strategy and relying on different security vendors may lead to biased recommendations and is liable to create non-integrated silos, with harmful security risks and gaps.

CyberSecurity Advisory Services includes but not limited to:
●  Strategic Discovery workshop
●  Strategy and Transformation
●  Business Cyber Security Risks
●  Compliance Services
●  Cloud Solutions Assessment
●  Digital Risk Management Third party