Information Security

Information Security

Digital transformation and the move to hybrid multicolored are changing the way we do business. Users, data, and resources are now spread across the globe, making it difficult to connect them quickly and securely.

Traditional security offers a perimeter to assess and enforce the trustworthiness of these connections, but this current ecosystem requires a different approach. Organizations are turning to zero trust security solutions to help protect their data and resources by making them accessible only on a limited basis and under the right circumstances.

Data Security

As you aim to protect all types of data from growing threats across diverse on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments, how do you simplify operations while complying with privacy requirements?

Achieve smarter data protection with a unified set of robust controls that offers actionable insights, real-time controls, and automated compliance support through:

  • Data discovery and classification
  • Vulnerability scans and risk assessments
  • Data activity monitoring and alerting
  • Encryption, blocking, masking, and quarantining
  • Compliance reporting and auditing
  • Advanced data security analytics

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) is essential for securing the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise. Smart, modern identity solutions deliver a frictionless and secure experience for every user, asset, and data interaction providing a foundation for a zero-trust strategy.

  • Access management
  • Consumer identity and access management
  • Privileged access management
  • Identity governance and administration

Security Information and Event Management – SIEM Solution

Gain centralized visibility to detect, investigate and respond to your most critical organization-wide cybersecurity threats

SIEM Platform

Gain actionable insights into security data, quickly identify the top threats, and reduce the total alert volume.

Threat Management Services

Manage the full threat lifecycle with an integrated program of cognitive tools, automation, orchestration, and human guidance.

Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services

Assess your threat strategies, unite security operations and response, improve your security posture and migrate to the cloud confidently.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Accelerate incident response with automation, process standardization, and integration with your existing security tools.
Integrate and orchestrate existing security tools using open standards to search for threat indicators across your hybrid, multi-cloud environment.
Connect enterprise-wide workflows to make more informed decisions, while leaving data where it resides.
Minimize the duration and impact of a cyber-attack with an open platform that orchestrates and automates your organization’s response. Dynamic, adaptive playbooks guide your team to resolve incidents with agility and intelligence.

Cloud Security Solutions

Integrating cloud into your existing enterprise security program is not just adding a few more controls or point solutions.
It requires an assessment of your resources and business needs to develop a fresh approach to your culture and cloud security strategy.

Hybrid Multi-cloud Security Platform

Connect to existing data sources without moving your data, and act faster with orchestration and automation across your tools and teams.

  • Cloud security and risk strategy
  • Workload protection
  • Threat management

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