IT Consulting Service

IT Consulting Service

Our Consultants’ expertise has 25+ years of global IT experience, spanned over multiple domains of IT business including but not limited to Business-critical applications ERP, Complex IT Operation and Datacenter infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Strategy

Although the Cloud trend is dominant, but every organization has to precisely calculate and plan their requirements, and evaluate the Cloud Vs On-Prem strategy. Our consultants has long experience in the IT infrastructure, Datacenter and will help you into a complete study and evaluation based on TCO & ROI.

Certified Program/Project Management

Our PMP certified project managers bring structured project management methodologies, risk mitigation strategies, and effective communication frameworks to mega IT projects, ensuring efficient resource allocation, timely deliverables, and adherence to quality standards, enhancing project success rates and stakeholder satisfaction through disciplined planning and execution.

Optimize Software License Agreements/Asset Management

One of the most overlooked areas of cost saving opportunities lies in software licensing and asset management. Lack of good asset and contract information often leads to higher costs. Increasing your capabilities can provide additional insight that can reduce spending and avoid compliance issues.
License Optimization Services Includes but not limited to:

  • Latest insight into licensing Structure and Models
  • Best Technical/Commercial balance between on-prem & Cloud Solutions
  • Optimized commercial investment plan
  • Audit Defense

ERP Advisors & PM Services

Most of ERP customers are suffering from complexity, increasing cost and inability to have to the ERP system fulfilling their business needs and dynamics.

More than 70% of ERP implementations end with total or partial failure, in addition to prolonged project time & cost. (Source: IDC)

We've studied all the criteria that lead to project failure and make the customer unsatisfied, to build and provide proven methodology and the right product/scope, in addition to effective PM that guarantees project success and customer satisfaction.

The good news is not over yet, the budget of ERP has been significantly reduced when compared to the current expenditure levels.

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We help organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective, and financially profitable.